В зв’язку з переобліком та актуалізацією цін, ми тимчасово не приймаємо замовлення.

The Book The Incredible Adventures of Ivan Syla, the Strongest Man in the World

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In Ukrainiann.
Illustrator: Iveta Klyuchkovska
Pages: 192
Type of the cover: binding, glossy lamination
Format: 130x200 mm

Publisher: Staryi Lev
Catalogue number: ISBN 9789662909180
Year: 2007

In a large city, a lot of stunning adventures, trials and dangers are waiting for Ivan Syla (Might) – a lad from a mountain village, plus – meetings with true friends and, sure, real love. The outstanding force, diligence and the kind heart lead him from one victory to another: from a loader at a railway station – to the champion of the republic, from a circus strong man in the circus the Mrs. Buhenbah – to the strongest man in the world.

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