В зв’язку з переобліком та актуалізацією цін, ми тимчасово не приймаємо замовлення.

"War Through TSN Eyes. 28 Stories Behind Camera"

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The war in Ukraine has starter not only on the Eastern Front: other, but just as important fights tirelessly continue on the fronts of visual arts, literature, journalism ... This book is an attempt to make a panoramic view of the course of military events in 2014-2015, Donbass. In the vision journalists Television News Service. Despite his patriotism and sympathy with the Ukrainian military, these reporters do not change the journalistic standards and try to remain objective in covering events in the east of Ukraine. "War through TSN eyes"is 28 soulful stories. Their charasters are journalists who tirelessly go on business trips to the area ATO. The combination of author essays and photographs make this book one of the most important documentary evidence of our time.

Publisher: Osnovi

Year 2015

Number of pages 224

Author Olga Kashporov

Cover: hard

Language Ukrainian

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