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"Nikolai Gogol"

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About Nikolai Gogol as a great Russian writer, cultural and public figure said and is written a lot. None of the Russian writers, defining the face of Russian literature, did not avoid his influence. Gogol was the favorite writer and the owner of the souls of millions of people on the planet. Therefore, it must be said about the "Ukrainian Gogol" as a fundamental principle of his soul. The great Russian writer Nikolai Gogol is considered by many scholars and literary critics most expressive representative of the Ukrainian school in Russian literature. Therefore, we can talk about him as a Ukrainian writer, because the Ukrainian theme of Gogol's works is an integral part of his personality. He is one of the best exponents of the Ukrainian mentality. In his works most fully and vividly the features of Ukrainian national character are reproduced 

Year: 2009

Publisher: Folio

Number of pages: 128

Cover: Soft

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