В зв’язку з переобліком та актуалізацією цін, ми тимчасово не приймаємо замовлення.

"Non-hetmanate and the Last Hetman of Ukraine"

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XVIII century was perhaps the most tragic period in the history of the Ukrainian state. After the bloody national liberation uprisings,  Ukraine turned out to be under even greater pressure from the Russian Empire. In 1722 Peter I issued a decree establishing the  Malorussian Collegium, in which the transition of power and a significant part of their activities which, in fact, created Khmelnytsky and Cossack state Hetmanate were canceled. Since then, Ukraine has begun a period with no hetman. The latest attempt to turn the tide and restore Hetmanate did Kirill Razumovsky, and he did not succeed: the decree of Empress Catherine II, he was deprived of Hetman, and Ukraine finally lost its independence.

Year: 2012

Publisher: Folio

Number of pages: 128

Cover: hard

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