В зв’язку з переобліком та актуалізацією цін, ми тимчасово не приймаємо замовлення.

"The Phantom of Armless Executioner" by Andrew Protsaylo

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Andrew Protsaylo (b. 1975) is a Ukrainian writer, author of several books. Born in Lviv, he graduated from a teacher training college Sambir, Lviv National University of Ivan Franko, Lviv Agrarian University, Ukrainian Open University (Munich, Germany). He lives in Lviv. The novel "The Phantom of the armless executioner" received the second prize of the international literary contest "The Coronation of the word 2014".

The Ghost armless executioner waited for its turn. He inhabits the body of a graduate student of Leo Bezrukov to find the descendants of the executed people butcher and ask for forgiveness. It is only because of his lost soul he can be released from the century-old earthly burdens. In this tangled path of the hero waiting for the test there is sadness and love, friendship and betrayal ... to deal with this Lion armless, you learn by reading a new novel by Andrew Protsaylo.

Author: Andrew Protsaylo

Publisher: Folio

Year: 2014

Language: Ukrainian

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