В зв’язку з переобліком та актуалізацією цін, ми тимчасово не приймаємо замовлення.

"10 Geniuses in Sports"

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People whose life is described in this book, did not only achieve great success in the sport, but changed the world, influenced the outlook of whole generations, comparable to the effect of the most famous writers and politicians. Maybe someone from the younger readers, after reading this book, will do sport seriously, and eventually become the new Pele, the new Irina Rodnina, Sergey Bubka and Michael Schumacher. The heroes of this book have achieved their goal and can therefore rightly be called geniuses in sports ...

Author: A. Khoroshevsky

Publisher: Folio

Year: 2005

Cover: hard

Number of pages: 384

Language Books: Russian

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