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The Books Pyntia, the Bandit in the Cursed City

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Author: Oleksandr Havrosh
Illustrations by: Maxym Palenko

Age group: For primary and secondary school
Type of publication: hardcover, glossy, black and white illustrations
Format: 142×213 mm
Number of pages: 304
On sale since 12 September 2013
ISBN 978-617-585-057-2

“Pyntia, the Bandit in the Cursed City” — is anything but simple novel, full of marvelous adventures, masterfully described by one of the brightest modern Ukrainian children’s writers Oleksandr Havrosh. It is the first fairytale chronicle in the Ukrainian literature, based on the fairy tales of the Carpathian region. It is an invitation to a breathtaking journey to the Edgeworld, overwhelmed with dangers and unbelievable transformations. There, along with Pyntia the Bandit, new friends and foes are roaming – Prunslyk, the Black Knight, Tsertserushka, the Green Rabbit, Sharkan the Dragon, Gandzhhi-baba and a lot more…

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