В зв’язку з переобліком та актуалізацією цін, ми тимчасово не приймаємо замовлення.

Ukrainian folk music

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Ukrainian Music CDs

Music is the language understood without knowing particular words, and Ukrainian folk music is remarkable in this way. Ukrainian song flows naturally, one will identify its idea immediately, and start to sing to the tune. Nothing compares to expressing Ukrainian soul to traditional Ukrainian music, that captures hearts all over the world with its genuine sound, melodic rolls and bewildering motives. Lyrical songs, Cossack ballads (duma), celebration songs – each of them is an ultimate expression of human emotion and Ukrainian identity.

Whatever occurs in lives of Ukrainians - happiness or sadness, joy or grief, life victory or war - there is a song for it. One cannot imagine Ukrainian celebration without traditional Ukrainian music, whether it is a birthday, a wedding or any other kind of feast. Of course, Christmas is celebrated with special Ukrainian Christmas music and songs.

Ukraine has strong Christian traditions lasting over housand tears and yet, pre-Christian beliefs and rites have found their places in folklore Ukrainian art. Christian by form, folk songs have a much longer history and are full of ancient sun-worshipping senses. Especially Ukrainian Christmas songs are closely related to the ancient rituals going back to the pagan times. The mystery of winter solstice, the phenomenon of the long-gone ancestors visiting us – all of these beliefs are reflected in the rhythms and melodies of ancient times, and in songs that have been passing from generation to generation in the Ukrainian lands.

At Buy Ukrainian you can find a selection of CDs with the newest and classical recordings of Ukrainian kolyadki (Christmas songs). ‘Darmogray’, ‘Dzvony’, ‘Shikayna’, Miron and Zorya Berezy are iconic Ukrainian folk music bands and artists. Also consider these CDs as a perfect present for the people of older generations: parents, grannies, and their friends.

Order Ukrainian folk and church music or add CDs or add them to the wish list, buy, listen and enjoy the vivid Ukrainian folk melodies!